Straight White People Fireballing Monsters for EXP and Loot

This is by far the single best description of the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign setting I have ever come across, from a review of Ed Greenwood’s Silverfall at my new favorite website, Requires Only That You Hate:

First, an introduction to Forgotten Realms and Ed Greenwood. Forgotten Realms is one of the D&D settings, and it’s a sword-and-sorcery clusterfuck of Eurocentric fantasy with the occasional nods toward brown people and yellow people, the latter of which are respectively barbaric and mystical. It has about eleventy subraces of elves, all of them Caucasoid; it has had about eleventy novels printed under its logo, the vast majority of which are about straight white people stabbing, fireballing, and otherwise slaying monsters for EXP and loot. Ed Greenwood is its creator.

Never heard of either man or setting before? Can’t tell the above apart from World of Warcraft? Yeah, pretty much.

To be fair, Warcraft first appeared as a video game in 1994, while the then TSR released the Forgotten Realms as a campaign setting in 1987 (with even earlier antecedents), so whose derivative of who now?

This is a good quote as well:

So, the Seven Sisters. They are the Chosen of Mystra, which in Ed Greenwood-verse means THEY ARE BETTER THAN YOU AT EVERYTHING. They’re stunningly beautiful. They’re some of the most magically amazing people in the Realms, byproduct of being a goddess’ literal daughters. They also have this distressing tendency to lose their clothes Witchblade-style and get really up close and personal with anything with a penis and a pulse, the pulse sometimes optional.

Go read the whole review.

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