Am I the only one…?


How’s this for inane? Since the new University Sports Club facility has opened up here at Dublin City University, my wife Andrea has been denied the use of the place because the costs for a general public membership are extremely prohibitive on our minimalist budget. So, being a logical creature some of the time, she would periodically go over there and ask about other options (pay per use primarily, which a flyer Gary Murphy sent me says they do). The people behind the main desk invariably have no idea what she’s talking about and boldly contradict information given to us through other channels. Remember: the flyer in question CAME FROM THEM!!

Anyway, Andrea last night ran into her old aerobics instructor, the one whose classes Andrea always went to. She asked about not seeing Andrea lately and wondering why. Once Andrea explained the situation, she was told that’s nonsense and that they should have something, a student family rate or whatever, to let us get the access we need. Barring that, the girl then said to let Andrea know when she wanted to come to class and the girl would meet her downstairs, i.e. sneak her in.

So, I went over this morning, putting on my best “I’m not really going to kill you, honest” face and put the question to them. I was told that there is a 1-year student family membership in the amount of 390 Euros, but that they have no facilities to give a 6 month membership, which is all we need. When I asked why they couldn’t simply pro-rate the damn thing for 6 months (which would be 195 Euros), the people behind the main desk looked at me funny and asked what pro-rated meant. Seriously. I was then given an e-mail address for the Marketing Manager, who I might add they had called right in front of me initially to ask about it, and said I could ask her. What this means of course is that I could beg and she could blow me off. Such is the state of customer service in Ireland.

But, they don’t understand whom they’re dealing with here. Moo hoo ha ha…you see, I’m a Fulbright scholar, damnit! And I know people; I know people on staff who can make pointed comments to those higher than mere Marketing Managers about the “ludicrous nature of this.” I do this with some regularity, since it’s so bloody necessary. There’s something to be said for your adviser complaining to the student Registry office about the delay in my getting my student ID by stating I’m nearly penniless unless I get my ID so I can get my bank account. Hell, RTE, mega television and radio behemoth funded by the public tax/license fee, has recently annoyed me, and I’m sic’ing my agents on them as well. And they will break I tell you.

Words of wisdom: Don’t fuck with me. I know people.

I guess, we’ll see how this saga turns out. Stay tuned.

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