I’ve been called out…

Leave it to my wife to once again mock my lack of blogginess. If she only understood the power of the Internet, she would not mock my pain, oh no…

I discovered today an amusing little news piece in the Irish Times, circa 1967 (sorry, no link), while I was looking for comment on European integration (which is basically all I do). It was talking about some theories being proposed by Soviet scientists regarding the moon. It seems they thought the damn thing was alive!! Based on readings a few of their unmanned probes took on the place, the Soviets began to suspect it was a living organism. I kid you not.

The only thing that kept running through my head as I read it was “They think the moon is made of living cheese! A living cheese they must take before the capitalist pig dog Americans expropriate it!” I can see the Politburo discussions now.

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