Summer of Fitness 8: Coke Will Be the Death of Me

Okay, first things first. You’re probably asking yourself: “SoF 8? What in the Blue Hell happened to SoF 7?” I have no easy answer for this. It’s a complex mix of annoyance, lack of time, and shame over what I thought was going to be a really bad weigh-in last week. In the end, I decided to skip the weigh-in altogether, which meant I really had nothing to write about it. Such is life. But here we are, back again. Let’s dispense with the perfunctory first.

Much to my surprise, the stats this week are not atrocious, so perhaps I have weathered the storm of shit eating these last two weeks.

  • Today’s Weigh-In: 247.6 lbs
  • Last Weigh-In: 248.4 lbs
  • Weight Change: -0.8 lb
  • Overall SoF Weigh Change after 8 Weeks: -4 lbs
  • Average Calories Eaten per Day: 3264

Here’s the visual progress (or lack thereof):

Something needs to give here. Either I get my calorie intake back under control or I should just give up now. In the end, I have decided to give the Summer of Fitness a radical jolt, a challenge of will power and self-discipline that can focus my energies on something other than obsessing over daily calorie intake.

Starting this Friday, July 1, 2011, I will be taking a challenge. What is it? To give up soda pop (regular and diet) and caffeine for the month of July (a thirty-one day challenge). My main Achilles Heel throughout my fitness endeavors in the last few years has been my inability to curtail or cut out pop from my diet. I have sucked down Coke, Mountain Dew, and Mello Yello my whole life. It’s encoded in my DNA as my drink of choice (don’t care for coffee, tea, alcohol, and so on). If anything is going to give me diabetes and kill me, it will be fucking Coca-Cola. Time to do something about that then.

This challenge will be rather difficult for me, especially the caffeine withdrawal. Anyone who comes in contact with me in meatspace or cyberspace next week, I apologize in advance because I’m going to be one irritable, obnoxious motherfucker.

If I make it through the challenge month, what happens after that depends on how I feel about the whole experience. Since it’s only a challenge, if I so choose to suck on the soda teat again, I can. Perhaps I won’t want to? Who knows? Let’s see what next week is like, shall we?


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