Summer of Fitness 10: My Kingdom for a Coke!

Last week was the 4th of July, so there was no SoF post, although let’s be honest, detailing progress is not what these are about any more, yeah? On with it then…

I am in Day 11 of my soda pop challenge, and I hate you all. I have not had a sugared pop since June 30, and every fiber of my being screams “This is wrong!” Such is life, I guess. I was forced to make one change to the requirements of the challenge, a necessary one lest you find me in the corner choking kittens or something. I have had a few diet pops during this time (Coke Zero mainly). I broke down on the sugared vs. diet distinction mainly because I didn’t want to suffer the agony of caffeine withdrawal along with my own mental sugar demons. Doing so has made me less irritable to those around me, and this is a good thing.

One interesting behavioral tic I have manifested since I started this hell is the fact that without some sort of distraction, I spend a lot of mental energy wishing I had a Coke. The answer to that, which I developed these eleven days without actually realizing it, has been my aggressive playing of video games lately (bouncing mostly between Assassin’s Creed II and Europa Universalis III w/ the Divine Wind expansion). I am not, for the most part, an addictive personality (ha!), so this sort of behavior is interesting to me, like mixing a random gaming binge (which I have had from time to time, but always walked away from) with a diet plan. So bizarre.

Whether this has any demonstrable health benefit remains to be seen (e.g. weight loss), but it’s still early, and the longer I go, the less acute the sugared pop craving gets. Pushing on…


So, Andrew, what about that whole Summer of Fitness thing? Losing any weight?

Nope. Still trapped in the plateau upper range of where I started a couple of months ago. It’s largely a function of lack of discipline at key moments killing momentum. In other words, I still eat too much crap food. Getting hurt a few weeks ago really messed up my back, which ground the exercise regimen to a halt, and the pop thing weakened my resolve for resisting other bad choices. Here’s the stats:

  • Today’s Weigh-In: 248.6 lbs
  • Last Weigh-In: 247.6 lbs
  • Weight Change: +1 lb
  • Overall SoF Weigh Change after 10 Weeks: -3 lbs
  • Average Calories Eaten per Day: 3267

Here’s the visual progress (or lack thereof):

Regardless, I plan to keep struggling with this and documenting it. I feel pretty good about July going forward, my back is relatively healed again, and the pop cravings are slowly shrinking. Hopefully next week will see some better progress.

But hey, at least I haven’t gained weight over where I started. I mean, fuck…

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