Personal Kitsch: My 7th Grade Michigan Leaves Report

While poking through some boxes my mom had yanked out of one of her giant walk-in closets the other day, I stumbled across an amusing piece of historical kitsch from my life: a tree leaves report I did for my 7th grade science class (way back in 1987).

Looking at it, I’m amused to see quirks of my personality today in evidence that far back (e.g. the obsessive attention to pretentious detail that is the credits page at the beginning, like I actually was writing a book or something). The Wife was also tickled by this, but, being the English instructor she is, basically accused my 12 year old ass of plagiarism (does this sound like language a 12 year would use naturally: “It prefers rich, well-drained, loamy soils. … It is an important timber tree; also used for street and ornamental planting.” I say maybe…).

But my next thought, after looking at it, was: “Hey, I should put this on the internet.” Because that’s how I roll.

So here it is, in all its embedded pdf glory (give it a moment to load; it’s a big pdf). Enjoy the kitschiness of it all:

[gview file=""]

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