Fixation 101

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines the word ‘fixation’ thusly:

a : a persistent concentration of libidinal energies upon objects characteristic of psychosexual stages of development preceding the genital stage b : stereotyped behavior (as in response to frustration) c : an obsessive or unhealthy preoccupation or attachment

Let’s ignore those first and second ones, shall we? ‘An obsessive or unhealthy preoccupation or attachment.’ Yeah, that about sums me up right now with this election.

I’m utterly engrossed by all the information I can find on the net. I pour over polling reports, read left-wing blogs (and sneer at the right-wing non-’reality-based community‘ of blogs), and generally spend my free time looking for any signs in the tea leaves about which way the wind will blow tomorrow (actually today here in Ireland, but whatever). I have found that I am growing more confident each and every day that our latest national nightmare will soon be over.


I can’t wait for this election to be over. Just over…please, with little to no controversy. I don’t want to spend the next six weeks wondering who my next president will be. Listen to me, people. I’m an addict; don’t you see? We have to break the cycle; I can’t help myself until you help me. It’s that simple. Vote John Kerry for President with a sizable mandate, and I can go back to normal. It’s just that fucking simple.

This is me helping you to help me overcome my fixation. Please people, do the right thing. The world (and my wife’s entertainment) are counting on you. ;-)

BTW, thought I would pimp Hudson some more. It seems that Hudson has decided to partake in that great experiment in futility and catharsis called National Novel Writing Month. And in typical Hudson style, he’s got another blog!!! Go see him work out his creative frustrations here at Idols of the Tribe (which presumably is the title of his novel) in real time for your perverse pleasure and voyeurism.

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