Does this sound familiar?

While re-reading a section of Joseph J. Lee’s Ireland, 1912-1985: Politics and Society today, I came across this snippet from his retrospective analysis of the career of Eamon de Valera (the founder of the Irish Fianna Fail party and one of Ireland’s greatest 20th century politicians):

“Like his countrymen in general, he combined a rigid concept of private morality with a more selective one of public morality. He could never be flexible on a moral issue. Therefore, any issue on which he found it necessary to be flexible could not, by definition, be a moral issue. Protected from the contagion of evidence by the metallic carapace of his self-righteousness, he had the invaluable capacity of assuming that what he did not wish to see did not exist. Incapable of hypocrisy, he had a highly refined capacity for self-deception.” (p.332)

Gee, does this sound like any current American politician that we know of? I wonder…

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