Fitness Failure?


I have for the last couple of years been slowly but surely gaining weight. This vexes the hell out of me, as you can well imagine if you happened to peruse any of my Summer of Fitness posts from the summer of 2011.

What it means in practical terms is a severe regression in fitness and health, taking me back to unhealthy levels I haven’t seen since 2008. How do I know this? Well, beyond rather obvious general body flabbiness, it’s because I have kept data on my weight since I first started paying more attention to my health in 2007 (sometimes less than diligently), and I tossed it all into an Excel spreadsheet. It looks like this (click for a bigger version):

ADD body weight chart 15-apr-13

The reason for this gradual rise in my body weight is no great secret to me. I have for almost all of this period engaged in fairly regular and pretty vigorous exercise. This has mostly been weight training and basic cardio. And hell, in the last eight months or so I’ve even taken up outdoor running, but you’d never be able to tell that based on the chart.

No, it has all come down to supreme laziness when it comes to nutrition and diet. Like I wrote about in the summer of 2011, Coke really will be the death of me, and I have grown amazingly disinterested in monitoring portion size. Lately, a combination of lack of full employment job stress and new baby fun has meant I stopped trying to add torturing myself with healthy eating on top of all the other issues, which was nice and all in the short term, but man…

So, whether I like it or not, it’s time to get back on the goddamn bandwagon and stay there — if nothing else to stave off the dia-beet-us (h/t Wilford Brimley) that runs rampant throughout the entire paternal side of my family.

This will take a couple of tracks. In terms of exercise, my plan is to get back into a modified form of the weight training program I had made for me way back in 2009, which I previously wrote about here. However, as befits my busy schedule (ha!) and my apparent inability to commit to so much exercise, I’ve chopped the weight training days down to three, spreading the leg workout day between the other three days and chopping out a few individual exercises I don’t like from the program to keep it manageable. To minimize also the amount of time at the gym, I plan to shift my cardio to outdoor running with some of my friends (including Rich Forest, among others) on the off days (so an idealized schedule would look like: MWF weight training; TR and Sat or Sun running). This should result in the weight workouts taking less time, which means I’m more likely to do them (which has been a big part of the problem lately).

The other track is a more rigorous approach to nutrition, focused mainly on portion control; not eating so much fast food/processed food/crap food; and finally breaking my sugared pop addiction. This means Monday, when I start that particular component, I will be one bitchy asshole for a while, so Twitter watch out.

I hope to write about this fairly often over the course of the spring and summer, but unlike the Summer of Fitness period in 2011, I’m not going to engage in any silly branding or anything like that. Just not interested in doing that right now…

See you at the gym!

¬†Featured Image: “Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, Sunrise, Light, Running Man,” used by Creative Commons license.


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