Links of the Day: Solar Symphony | Brilliant Noise

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 01:59 PM PDT

“To create Brilliant Noise, Semiconductor (aka Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt), went through hundreds of thousands of computer files to select some of the sun’s most spectacular and unseen moments and compose a video animation on the oscillations of the star. Taken by orbiting satellites, the images reveal the energetic particles and solar wind as a rain of white noise.”

Kraken Rising: How the Cephalopod Became Our Zeitgeist Mascot | h+ Magazine

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 01:23 PM PDT

“So the cult of Cthulhu is fandom as postmodern religion, unfettered from traditional belief’s insistence on religion as moral truth and literal fact. It’s a hermeneuticist’s leap of faith into the world of the text, a world the Cthulhuists regard not as Truth but as “truth,” in ironic air quotes; managing the Fitzgeraldian feat of holding two antithetical ideas in their minds at the same time (while still maintaining an epistemic equilibrium), they have their critical distance and eat it, too, believing as if rather than believing in.”

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