Link of the Day: Unpleasant Medicine

Unpleasant Medicine – Charlie Stross’s Diary

Posted: 19 May 2010 02:27 PM PDT

“The solution should be fairly clear, and I’m probably displaying my own cognitive biases when I say that giving up on the environment isn’t an option. But if action to reduce environmental impact is desirable, then it needs to be framed in terms that don’t threaten the intended audience, but promise rewards for behavioural change. Instead of us all consuming less, we’re going to consume differently and make huge profits off environmental energy. Instead of being punished for dumping waste, we’re going to make money from recycling. Played right, a shift to a sustainable economy should see a net increase in wealth because the wealth-producing activities shift with the demand for sustainability. Hair shirt puritanism is not only unnecessary; it’s positively damaging to our future, and I wish the greens would drop it right now.”

“Hair shirt puritanism” is an awesome phrase.

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