The Songs that Define my College Years

So for the last couple of weeks or so, I’ve been “DJ-ing” on, pushing the content out to the rest of my social media empire through Twitter. Initially I’ve had little purpose other than to highlight songs I like. But then I twigged on a theme that fits my current state of mind: songs that define my undergrad college years, ca. 1993-1998 at Central Michigan University. Seemed appropriate considering the nostalgia kick I’ve been on the for the last few months, and I have so many good (and bad) memories that are associated with music. It’s a no-brainer, then. So, these are the memories I associate with the songs below and make up the musical landscape of my early twenties.

Anyway, below I’ve aggregated the various blips and put them in chronological order (as they didn’t go out in this order, but rather in the order that they came to me). I’m doing this mostly just to archive this all in one place (oftentimes social media stuff disappears into the intarwebs like dust in the wind, and the historian in me can’t stand that). Oh yes, FA = Fall semester; SP = Spring semester; and SU = summer.

Songs that Defined my Undergraduate College Years

  • FA 93: Blind Melon’s “No Rain” reminds me of meeting my friend Brandi in Towers lobby @ CMU during first week ♫
  • FA 93: drunk on screwdrivers at friend Matt’s house seeing this on MTV Nirvana “The Man Who Sold the World” ♫
  • FA 93: Wrote paper cheekily analyzing lyrics to this song, pissing off moronic ENG grad TA: Tool “Prison Sex” ♫
  • SP 94: Hanging w/ my “harem” (Shelly, Blair, Sarah, Brandi, Rebecca) in the Towers @ CMU hearing Beck’s “Loser” ♫
  • SU 94: Hearing Nine Inch Nails “Closer” while taking saw blades to Amish blacksmith for factory job in Ohio. ♫
  • SU 94: Hitting Lollapalooza w/ friends Shelly & Mike & discovering Luscious Jackson on the 2nd stage “Citysong” ♫
  • FA 94: CD in my constant rotation when came back to school was Stone Temple Pilots PURPLE & this song: “Vasoline” ♫
  • FA 94: L7′s “Shit List” reminds me of hanging in Ann Arbor w/ mates & seeing NATURAL BORN KILLERS one weekend. ♫
  • SP 95: @ the Wayside w/ the girls on Alternative Night & raging to Rage Against the Machine “Killing in the Name” ♫
  • FA 95: Bought first techno album ZOO RAVE Vol.1 @ New Moon Records & favorite song is/was “Burn It” by Bleu. ♫
  • SU 96: Seeing Weird Al Yankovic at Meadow Brook w/ my friend Justin — strange concert: “Amish Paradise” ♫
  • FA 96: Got into Marilyn Manson cause ex-gf liked to get hot and heavy to ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR “The Reflecting God” ♫
  • SU 97: After seeing Live @ Pine Knob, sat in parking lot listening to Tool ÆNEMA album while crowd cleared. ♫
  • FA 97: Blur “Song 2″ always reminds me of wrestling w/ roommate Bob & him shoving my ass thru drywall in apt. ♫
  • FA 97: Roommate Bob got me into Orbital & “Out There Somewhere (part 2)” from IN SIDES brings me back to that time ♫
  • SP 98: My future wife made me mixtape w/ this song (Tuscadero “Mt Pleasant”) & it always makes me think of her. ♫
  • SP 98: Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child” reminds me of playing WCW vs nWo; World Tour w/ roommates “Oh, you bitch!” ♫

Welcome to the mnemonic musical tapestry in my head.

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