Photo Roundup

I’ve dumped a lot of photos on Flickr lately, and pushed some messages out about their existence to all my linked up social networking cribs, but I figured I should occasionally post some sort of roundup here, so that family and friends who might have missed the notices in other places might see it here.

Memorial Day 2009: This is a set of photos I took while I and the family (aka Phat A and the Boy) were cruising around Island Park in Mount Pleasant, MI last Memorial Day. There’s a couple of photos in here I really really like.

My Hometown: While I’m mostly keeping the photos I’ve been taking of my hometown, Marshall, MI, under wraps for now (all part of my photographic memoir project), I did toss a few up on Flickr. I will occasionally add more to the set as time goes on.

The Devenney Clan: Recently met up with my dad’s side of the family to help clean out my grandparents’ house in Marshall, and on one day, I brought my son down to see them (been a few years since they’ve seen him as everyone lives all over the place). The coolness factor is that these pictures show four generations of Devenneys all at the same time and in the same spot.

Kitsch from Grandparents’ House: Most of the photos I took from the clean-up will not find their way to the web for a variety of reasons, but some of the more kitschy and risque finds from our clean-out were just too good to keep under wraps.

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