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This summer, I decided, in what was clearly a mental breakdown of sorts, to expand my web footprint, to better harness and master my Google search results (be proactive on that people!) so that the stupid shit I used to do on Usenet in the mid-90s is harder to find (moo hoo ha ha!). As such, I have created two new websites that have now made their appearance in the navigation bar above: the modestly named Devenney Teaching Hub and Devenney Research Hub.

The Teaching Hub is now my all-purpose home for teaching-related materials and activities. You want to see syllabi, study guides, assignment sheets, announcements to my classes, or my past teaching evaluations, that will now be the place to go. The Research Hub is now my all-purpose home for showcasing my research-related historical work, plus little tidbits of new research writing that I want to write about but that doesn’t fit into any of my existing larger projects.

The Teaching Hub got a test run using my GVSU HST 203 class this summer as guinea pigs. It worked out well. I think, but the real test will be using it to manage four classes this fall. The Research Hub, which I only built and published this week, is still in its infancy, so we’ll see how it goes over the course of the year. I hope to maintain a fairly regular schedule of output through the Research Hub, which might even bleed over into me actually blogging more here on what is essentially now my personal blog.

If you haven’t had a chance to poke around the new sites, go take a look, and tell me what you think.

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