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So welcome to my new Internet home:  I have decided to shift my web presence away from the .com URL address I have had for years to my new .net URL address, which I have had for a little more than a week.  There are a number of reasons for this decision.  First, I wanted to build all my websites using WordPress to keep design and upgrading issues much more simple than before, where I had my teaching website on WordPress and my base homepage built using Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and dynamic web templates.  Second, I wanted to redesign completely the look of my base website, rationalizing it a bit (and doing away with the Research Hub), while not having any down time.  Setting up fresh on a new URL with a new (and cheaper) host offered me that.  Lastly, this will allow me to abandon Blogger, culling out some pretty pointless blog post drift over the years along the way (yes, this sort of involves re-writing history a bit; believe me, this more than anything has bugged me to no end this last week of website work).

So what’s the plan going forward? Well, I hope to migrate the Devenney Teaching Hub domain and site to this new host (say hello to Daily Razor), but I might have to hold off on that until the summer, when I’m not actually using the site for classes (in case it all goes ka-boom!).  Some of the archival material (the Scottish Exodus and Ireland Travelogue mainly) hasn’t been ported over, which will have to be something I take care of in the future when I have time.  In the meantime, personal posts about stupid shit and more rigorous posts on my research and higher education should drop with more frequency, all contained on this one site.  Take a look around and tell me what you think.


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