The Boffins are here!

Dr. Lemont "Monty" Dobson, an internationally renowned archaeologist, burgling hotel rooms while AHA attendees sit in the hotel bar and drink the "Fear" away.

It’s that time of year again, when scores of history boffins from around the world descend on a major US city to drink, give papers, drink, listen to papers, drink, be tortured in the Job Center, drink, and complete the walk of shame for four tweed-and-elbow-patchy-days.  Yes, it’s the annual meeting of the American Historical Association, taking place in Boston, Massachusetts this year.

For shits and giggles, I plan to try and keep up on this blog and on Twitter a running commentary about all the activities, panels, and people I come across.  Traditionally, for me, the AHA is largely a vacation to hang with friends (like Dr. Dobson over there) and meet some new people, with the occasional job interview thrown in for good measure (I don’t believe I have ever attended a panel…*shrugs*).  But this year, I have no interviews (*shakes the angry fist*) and no real agenda, so I figure this largely random endeavor will give me something to do other than hunt out the local comic shops and Asian noodle bars.  Hell, maybe I’ll even go see a panel to two.  Just for you, people. Just for you…

The conference proper starts on Thursday, so we’ll get to it then.  But in the meantime, I might pop back on later and record a few random observations about my travel day today…mostly just images and circumstances that struck me while I trekked through a plethora of American airports to reach Boston.

Welcome to the AHA 2011!


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