Nerd Talk, March 2011

Earlier today, I gave a presentation to the GVSU History Department faculty colloquium dealing with my groping attempts the last few years to integrate digital humanities methods and thinking into my academic life. The title of the talk is, tongue firmly in cheek, “Cake or Death?: A Personal Look at Embracing the Academic Digital Life.” For anyone interested in what kind of amused ramblings I can make about a topic I kinda sorta understand, you can find a PDF of my remarks below, along with a list of pertinent links (i.e. websites I used for and in the talk). Comments, criticisms, suggestions, and compliments are welcome.

PDF: Cake or Death?: A Personal Look at Embracing the Academic Digital Life

Relevant Links

Death By Chocolate Cake Photo Credit

Chris Forster, “I’m Chris, Where Am I Wrong?” from

Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0

Wikipedia, “Social Media”

Brad King, “What is Social Media?”

Eddie Izzard YouTube clip, “Cake or Death?”

Kyle Munkittrick, “The First Decade of the Future is Behind Us” from Science Not Fiction.


Warren Ellis, “Twitter: A Drainage Gully for Mental Slurry”

GVSU World History Round-Up

Devenney Teaching Hub

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