Ich bin fertig!!!!

Jawohl!! As of last Thursday evening, I have completed the principle draft of my final dissertation chapter!! I be done, fool! Just some piddling intro and conclusion and it’s off to the races toward my defense!

Amazingly, I’m now always in a much better mood. Strange.


Ich bin fertig!!!! — 3 Comments

  1. Congratulations! However, as a freshly minted PhD, you ought to know the difference between “principle” and “principal.”

    Another PhD

  2. Oh, one more thing: It’s curriculum VITAE, not vita. If you sent a “curriculum vita” to my department, I would not even look at your application.

    Unfortunately, doctoral students these days don’t have to study Latin and it shows. “Vitae” is a possessive. Curriculum vitae means the “path of life,” literally.

    Your Website suggests you have a healthy ego. Perhaps you want to bone up on some basics.

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