Summer of Fitness 1: The Flu Edition

Much to my annoyance, the very week I begin my big summer fitness push (Fuck Fat III: The Summer of Fitness), I get sick. Bloody typical. And, as is usually the case with me, my head cold/sinus infection/minor case of the flu needs to be carefully managed or else it transmogrifies into fucking pneumonia. What this means for this week’s SOF report is that my progress data is slightly skewed by me being sick. So let’s take this all as tentative until we see what I can report next week.


Before digging into the data, I should lay out what my SoF plan during Fuck Fat III exactly is. There are two components really. On the nutrition side, I need to exert some discipline over the amount of food I have been consuming of late. Looking at my records, I have averaged something like 3300 calories a day of mostly junk and shit (commuting just kills me in this regard). During FF III, I have set a cap of 2500 calories per day, which is about what I was working with during FF II. I don’t generally treat this as a hard cap (to keep me from fretting anxiously about how close I am to the limit or feeling like shit because I went over). Instead, 2500 calories per day is a target average.

There are some other rules that go along with this: 1) no more than four sugared pops (i.e. soda, Coke, whatever you call it in your podunk region) per week; 2) no more than two times eating outside the home per week; and 3) no eating after 9pm at night. As you can probably tell, pop, eating out, and late night snacking have been my bane these last few months. We could probably just label these clauses the “No More Pizza and Coke after Midnight” Rules.

I’ll write more about my weight lifting program next week when I’m actually able to do the program instead of being waylaid with the flupocalypse.


Well, much to my surprise, my weight this morning was 247.6 lbs, which means I lost 4 lbs this week (the baseline last Monday was 251.6 lbs). Now clearly, this has been mucked about by several contingent factors (water weight, being sick, etc), but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I averaged 2664 calories per day for the week, which was bumped up by eating a bit too much on Saturday (the Wife just had to make banana cake, and I just had to eat some). I went over my sugared pop rule by two, went over my eating out rule by one, and even ate past 9pm on Saturday night. So all in all, a very bizarro start to the SoF. I should be pleased, but I’m not.

I’d rather just not be sick. Bleh…

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