America: From the Ground Up

I’m currently working with Dr. Lemont Dobson (Monty of Monty Dobson Online) on a forthcoming PBS documentary series called America:From the Ground Up, which will be airing on PBS stations across the United States starting in May/June 2014. Further information regarding the series, its production and scheduling, and educational outreach can be found at the series website, America’s Archaeology, but I will provide a small snippet from the series synopsis below:

America: From The Ground Up! is a 4 x 60 documentary series that follows archaeologist and adventurer Dr. Monty Dobson as he digs into America’s history- From the Ground Up. Available Spring 2014, AFTGU explores archaeological sites and uses those sites as touch points to tell a frontier history of North America. From the first settlers more than 10,000 years ago to the War of 1812 and from Quebec to New Orleans, around the Great Lakes, along the St Lawrence and Mississippi rivers, America: From the Ground Up! is history like you’ve never seen it before!

On a more personal geeky note, here’s the IMDB cast and crew page for the series, which has me listed as a co-writer. How cool is that!

We have a full slate of further series ideas for when AFTGU is complete, so watch this space for more details.

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