Before I shifted to a blog some time in 2005 or so, that URL originally served as a hub for all kinds of content and varied purposes over the years, often with radically different design motifs and architecture. Some versions have barebones remnants still floating around on the internet somewhere (like say, at the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine) and some versions (like the old Athens Acropolis Geocities site, the full address of which is lost to time, and thus recovery) will thankfully remain gone.  But more recent permutations included a lot of content that doesn’t deserve to be lost to the whims of erasure, even as I have shifted over to the address.  So I’m going to archive it here (and perhaps Flickr for the photos).

The past sites were:

Scottish Exodus ScreenshotThe Scottish Exodus — a travelogue of my and Andrea’s time in Glasgow, Scotland (2000-2001), including several text and picture essays and some poems by the Wife Ireland Travelogue ScreenshotThe Ireland Travelogue — a further travelogue that consists mostly of images from the whole family’s time in Dublin, Ireland (2004-2005)

Keep checking these links to see more and more of the past content as I post it.