The Scottish Exodus

The Scottish Exodus

Fake Advert for Scottish Exodus WebsiteI have broken the archive below into three sections, together making up the varied content on The Scottish Exodus travelogue I posted to the web between September 2000 and March 2001. The first section contains the prose pieces I wrote for the site; the second section is the poetry and prose pieces of my wife, Andrea; and the third section holds the photos. Instead of replicating the html of the original pages (which was rather simplistic), I have instead just moved the text over to this site’s template, while the photos will be sets on Flickr (Note: I haven’t moved them over yet). Comments on the photos are the original comments and not new glosses.

Andrew’s Journal

  • 16 Sept 2000 “Exodus: New Endings and Beginnings”
  • 21 Sept 2000 “First Contact”
  • 1 Oct 2000 “I am Glasgow”
  • 7 Oct 2000 “An Accidental Afternoon, or Because We Missed Our Train to Glasgow”
  • 10 Oct 2000 “My Neighborhood”
  • 20 Oct 2000 “High Seas”
  • 26 Oct 2000 “Grocery Day”
  • 27 Oct 2000 ‘Simply a Stirling Day”
  • 4 Nov 2000 “A Lazy Day”
  • 10 Nov 2000 “Undiscovering Edinburgh”
  • 25 Nov 2000 “Saturday Night at the Movies”
  • 3 Jan 2001 “A Drunken Orgy of Blood and Vomit: Christmas Cullings and Pub Pogroms”
  • 19 Feb 2001 “Germany Ja!”

Andrea’s Page

  • “The Savoy Sitter (Or: Confessions of a Person Who Always Walks on the Other Side of the Street)”
  • “Have You Seen Me? (For Grandpa Tazzia)”
  • “Hello Glasgow—From the Dow Jones Pub”
  • “For Grandpa Tazzia, 9/19/00″
  • “Lost at the Blue Flat, 81 Miller Street”
  • “Gold January Light”
  • “One for the Birds”
  • “Mom and Dad–This One is For You”
  • “The Stick Dropper: A Remembrance Dedicated to St. Angela, Patroness of Arcane Ecclesiastical Instruments”

Photo Sets

  • 16 Nov 2000 “All Picture Edition”
  • 1 Dec 2000 “All Picture Edition II”
  • 3 Mar 2001 “All Picture Edition III: Holly Hell”
  • 18 Mar 2001 “All Picture Edition IV: The Germans are Here!”
  • 23 Mar 2001 “All Picture Edition V: A Tale of Two Cities (well, three)!”

Although it should go without saying, all the written pieces are Copyright ©Andrew D. Devenney and Andrea K. Devenney (respectively), 2000-2012, all rights reserved.